Hi guys! Sorry the chapter really did come out late. Anyway, some news first:

  1. I have an editor now! Yay
  2. I won’t be posting TVHSS chapters here (at my blog) anymore. I’ve recently agreed to join Verdant Lore‘s translation group so all further updates will be there. Every previous chapter will be uploaded there too.

Here’s chapter 14. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “TVHSS Ch 14

  1. It’s really hard to get in contact with you. Is Verdant Lore not updating TVHSTS anymore?

    Seems like it’s true, but I simply wanted to have it verified to be sure.


  2. I really hope you come back to translating it, translator-nim. >.<

    Sissy-that-walks? is the new translator and the quality of the syntax has really gone down. I would be beyond glad if you do pick up this lovely novel again. Pleaseee!!!


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